Pulp Rules


The majority of these rules exist for one reason – to mimic pulp films. These are the heroes of cinema and pulp novels. The fun of pulp is playing up that fact by taking extreme risks and performing daring stunts.

Acting Bad is Bad

These are heroes and they should be played that way. Committing evil or morally ambiguous actions cause a hero to lose a benny immediately. They are the good-guys after all.

A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.
—Joseph Campbell

Heroic Combat

The heroes may get beaten to within an inch of their lives, but they always come back for more! So what does that mean in the game?

Extra’s Damage: They are less of a threat so their damage rolls never Ace.

Soaking: Pulp characters are expected to risk life and limb to save the day. Whenever a player Wild Card Soaks all the damage from an attack, his benny is instantly returned.

Nonlethal: All damage is essentially nonlethal when inflicted on a hero. Characters can die, but it requires a villain to perform some deliberate Finishing Move or for the to hero perform some Heroic Sacrifice “for the needs of the many.”

Rapid Recovery: Every Wild Card recovers one Wound automatically at the start of each new Act. Unconscious heroes wake up with 2 wounds just before the act begins.

Injuries: While characters can still suffer injuries, they are never lasting ones. A hero only ever suffers the effects of rolls on the Injury Table until the wounds are healed.

Never Ending Ammo

At the end of every Scene, the heroes recover all their spent ammunition and Power Points. This means the heroes are never short of bullet and spells.

Pulp Fisted

These heroes often take on sword-wielding cultists or knife carrying thugs with their bare hands and win. This means Wild Card characters using their bare hands never count as Unarmed Defenders.



This does not mean defeat! In pulp scenarios, it’s often a vital plot point and moves the story forward. As such, anytime the heroes surrender at the dramatically appropriate spot and go along with the villain’s demands, they earn a benny.

Recurring Villains

Face it, the best villains somehow manage to escape that plunge into the fiery volcano only to return later and attempt revenge against our heroes! So don’t get pissed off if that major villain makes a dramatic comeback. That’s what they do.


Pulp Rules

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