Henchmen and Mooks


Savage Worlds already features two character types: The Wild Cards (the players, important villains, monsters, etc.) and Extras (everybody else). In keeping with the pulp genre, we add two additional varieties to this mix: Henchmen and Mooks.

henchmen_and_mooks.png Henchman Wounds ■ ■ ■

A villain will typically have one prized Lieutenant (occasionally more, but usually at least one). We refer to this character as the Henchman. Henchmen are the “level bosses” of the game — they are are usually encountered by the heroes long before they ever get to the villain…and often before they even realize that the Villain exists!

Henchmen are a step above your standard Extra, but a step below Wild Cards. They’re useful for giving the heroes a tougher opponent, but without all the difficulty of facing another Wild Card. A Henchman is created as a normal Extra, but with 3 Wounds. They still get no Bennies and no Wild Die, however.

Extras Wounds

These would be your run-of-the-mill bad guy minions, city cops, drunks at the Pub, the mobsters inside that werehouse, etc. Essentially, these beings have 1 Wound.


Mooks are another new type of character for Savage Worlds. They are the level below Extras. Mooks are the faceless cannon-fodder who get thrown at the heroes in combat. The villain will throw these at the heroes in an effort to slow their progress, with the off chance that one or more Mooks might get lucky and do some damage.

Mooks are just like Extras, but with the following special rules:

  • Every Trait is average (d6).
  • They only possess four skills, and each skill is rated at d6.
  • They have no edges and no hindrances.
  • Mooks are never Shaken. If you equal or exceed their Toughness, they’re out of the fight.

Mooks will willingly lay down their lives for the main villain. To reflect this, Any Mook within 1” of a villain becomes a pawn, sacrificing his life so his master can live. Any attack made against the villain is instead made against the Mook, as he leaps into the way of the attack, to protect the life of his master.

Mooks do not have to be limited to only the service of a villain. If a Game Master so desires, she can throw Mooks at the player-characters in any situation where a large-scale combat is called for. They could represent wave after wave of marauding South Sea Pirates, or the gibbering cultists who worship the dark hidden gods of Chaos, or even a criminal gang operating within the campaign city.


Henchmen and Mooks

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