Brent Hardcastle

Damn fine pilot

  • Height: 6’
  • Weight: 182 lbs
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Eyes: Green

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Brent is handsome, strapping and athletic, and has the depth of a greeting card. Brent has all the things necessary for a hero: a strong pair of fists, a decent skill with a firearm, and a boatload of style. Charisma, good-looks, bravery and physique compensate for his mediocre wit and recklessness. Despite his vapid nature, Brent is great company, a loyal friend, and good in a bar fight (he is Irish, after all…).

If there’s one thing Brent Hardcastle loves better than flying, it’s showing off. No stunt or maneuver is too difficult for him to attempt. When he isn’t flying, he talks about flying.

Too arrogant for the military and having seen action against pirates and marauders overseas as a mercenary, Brent now earns his money as a stunt pilot at a local airfield, where he is a hit with the ladies. He has been pals with Amelia and Doc since they helped foil a kidnap plot against the Doc. He has a secret crush on Amelia, whom he calls “Duchess,” but doubts she could ever “fall for a rough guy like me.

Brent Hardcastle

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